How to vote


Vote on Election Day

For anyone who does not reside in a mail-in precinct, you can in-person on Election Day—March 19, 2019. Find your polling place here. Polls will open between 7 and 10 AM and will stay open until 8 PM on election day.

Vote Early

Early in-person voting will be available at Kanabec and Pine County Offices.

You can also apply for an absentee ballot to be sent to you in the mail. You must return your ballot by mail or in-person by Election Day (Tuesday, March 19) or it will not be counted. 

Apply for an absentee ballot any time at  Election officials will send voting materials as soon as they are available. After you finish, mail the ballot and forms back right away. To ensure it is counted, you can also return your absentee ballot in person at the county. County information is below. 

Vote by Mail Precincts

If you live in: Brook Park, Bruno, Bruno Township, Danforth Township, Denham, Fleming Township, Henriette, Kerrick, New Dosey Township, Nickerson Township, or Park Township, you will be receiving a mail-in ballot. 

Read the instructions carefully and get your ballot in the mail as soon as possible! Your ballot will not count if it is received after March 19. 

If you are worried about the county not receiving your ballot in time, you can deliver it back to the County Office. Please contact the county if you have any questions about voting hours or how to make sure your ballot is counted.

Pine County 

ADDRESS: Pine County Courthouse 635 Northridge Dr NW Ste 240 Pine City, MN 55063

Election official: Kelly Schroeder 

General phone: 320-591-1670 

Fax: 320-591-1671 



Kanabec County
ADDRESS: Kanabec County Courthouse 18 N Vine St Ste 261-A Mora, MN 55051-1351

Election official: Denise Cooper
General phone: 320-679-6430
Fax: 320-679-6431